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The Seasons Leadership Program

Join Executive Leadership Coaches Debbie Collard and Susan Ireland for the Seasons Leadership Program, a yearlong leadership development program designed to support your growth and success through in-depth workshops, executive coaching and an inspiring community of powerful, supportive women.

The program was created to help motivated female professionals further their self-awareness and live into their potential while making a difference – in their career, organization, communities and the lives of others.

In this full year of self-discovery and practical guidance, you'll learn from Debbie Collard and Susan Ireland, seasoned executives and professional coaches who have experienced the challenges and wins of working in leadership positions at one of the world's most recognized corporations.

Invest for a lifetime of growth.

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Learn for a lifetime

Leadership workshops can be invigorating, but when the excitement wears off, we often fall back into our usual work habits and ways of thinking. It can be difficult to assimilate all that we've learned over a day or weekend, even when we have the best intentions for implementing change.

As experienced executives and professional coaches, we saw an opportunity to offer something different: An ongoing experience that builds on itself through inspiring leadership workshops, ongoing executive coaching and an expanding community of motivated women.

At the core of our approach is the belief that every one of us can be even more than we are today. When we fulfill our own purpose, we strengthen the organizations and communities in which we live and work. We invite you to join us by making a commitment to yourself for the next four seasons – and a lifetime of growth.

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Join Us

We created this program for motivated female professionals who know their potential and yearn to do more – for themselves, their organizations, their families and their communities.

While participants at every phase of their career are welcome, this program is especially valuable to women who have gained traction in their respective fields and want to maximize their impact while they grow and advance in their career.

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Awaken. Cultivate.
Integrate. Transform.

  • Quarterly, workshops (2 days, 3 hours each) introduce new awareness, skills and insights in four core elements of Self, Others, Business and Communities.
  • In addition to presentations and group discussions in each season, the workshop curriculum includes ongoing learning and peer support between seasons, as well as introspective activities to increase your self-awareness and facilitate your growth.
  • Through available private coaching, you'll focus on your passions and purpose. Over the course of the year, you'll partner with your coach to increase your performance, break down barriers and achieve your defined goals.
  • Each workshop builds on the prior workshop and coaching through an integrated arc that supports your personal growth as a unique and authentic leader.

Schedule for 2021

Spring: March 19-20


Summer: June 11-12


Fall: September 17-18


Winter: November 12-13


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Benefits of The Seasons Program

  • Seasonal Virtual  Workshops (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter)
  • Elevated and Expanded Leadership Presence
  • Individual Executive Coaching Sessions (one session included and others offered at a reduced rate with purchase of full year program)
  • Increased Self-awareness
  • Two Leadership/Personality Assessments
  • Proven Business Best Practices & Individualized Business Consulting
  • Personal Brand, Image and Style Education (with Michael Bruce Image Consulting)
  • Opportunity to Learn Directly from Business and Leadership Experts
  • Two Years of Proprietary Platform Access (with Purchase of Full Year Program)
  • A Year of Focused, Intentional, Supported Growth
  • A Community of Supportive Women
  • Seasons Leadership SWAG
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Create Lasting Change

If you aspire to take your career to a new level, achieve a greater degree of performance, or make real change for yourself, your team and your organization, a holistic, process-oriented approach is crucial. Our integrated program supports your growth and learning over the entire year, giving you the business and personal tools to optimize your strength and effectiveness as a leader.

Envision a year of Development

SPRING: Awaken yourself to the foundations of leadership; learn necessary elements to start setting yourself up for success as a leader in business and in life.

SUMMER: Cultivate your elevated and expanded leadership presence through greater self-awareness; building on your leadership foundation with energy and business best practices.

FALL: Integrate your learnings into your path forward, cementing your leadership style and developing a rhythm of practice so you can keep succeeding.

WINTER: Transform your personal leadership style through acknowledging your leadership journey, setting future goals, and receiving peer validation; celebrate and anticipate your next cycle of transformation.


Develop your authentic presence and personal brand.

Build business acumen, judgment and decision-making skills.

Learn new ways to delegate, empower and inspire.

Discover and immediately apply proven business best practices.

Identify and achieve your stretch goals.

Invest in your future success.

Benefit from the energy, inspiration and connection within a small group of powerful, motivated women.

Build Your Business Skills

Business modules presented throughout the program include communicating vision, values-based leadership, developing an operating rhythm, creating a leadership system, and working with diverse management styles.

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Learn from Experienced, Innovative Leaders

Debbie Collard and Susan Ireland each spent 30 years in leadership positions at Boeing. Through their respective careers, both women served as mentors to other leaders and team members, and later became certified coaches.

Like so many of their clients, Debbie and Susan had reached high levels of achievement in their careers, yet both felt there was so much more they could have done to make an impact. With the benefit of hindsight, the two women identified key missing elements that would have helped focus their trajectory and accelerate their progress: a broader perspective; honest, actionable guidance; and the insight of experienced female leaders.

Debbie and Susan developed the Seasons program to provide these key elements in a thoughtfully designed curriculum that allows them to share their own experience and expertise in support of women who want to make a difference.

Debbie Collard Headshot

Debbie Collard, PCC, MSOD, ELI-MP

Debbie Collard has worked with a wide range of executives to develop strategies, reach milestones and celebrate achievements. Leadership and performance have been the focus of Debbie's career, while she maintained a commitment to her family and community without compromise. Debbie is an ICF and iPEC-certified professional coach and co-author of The Making of a World-Class Organization, a practical guide for leaders to engage employees and increase overall excellence.
Susan Ireland Headshot

Susan Ireland, CPC, ACC, MSM

Susan Ireland has deep experience in the aerospace industry and business operations. As an ICF-certified professional coach, Susan works with executives, entrepreneurs and leaders at all levels to enhance leadership and business acumen, encourage self-discovery and turn challenges into positive results. Her thought-provoking and creative approach inspires enduring, transformative change.

What our participants are saying about the Seasons Leadership Program:

Stefani Johnson

Stefani Johnson

Production Coordinator, Oddbot Animation

“At 28 years old and fleeing a very negative workplace, "leader" was definitely not how I felt about myself. However, I will be thanking the "past me" for the rest of my life for taking the leap to join the Seasons Leadership Program. Two inspiring female coaches not only provided me with the insight I needed to gain a new perspective of myself and my experiences, but they also helped me form a plan to "lead" my own life. That's right, even with no one seeing me as a leader, I learned something invaluable: I am always the leader of my own story. With the tools I gained from Debbie and Susan, and the loving and safe community of females from this past year in Seasons, I feel I can finally work towards owning and fully living my leadership, and possibly expanding it outside myself. Despite 2020 being a horrible year with many challenges globally, I've had one of my best years yet. I strongly encourage others to truly invest in the course. I promise you'll see it's actually fun to grow yourself. I'm tempted to take the course all over again.”

Tanya Meronk

Tanya Meronk

Co-Founder & Head Techretary

“Debbie and Susan rock! They have fundamentally changed the way I see myself as a leader.  I’m more confident and feel prepared with the tools they shared. Plus, I have a community to tap into when times get tough.”

Lisa Faber

Lisa Faber

Owner, The Collage Salon

“When I first signed up for Seasons Leadership I wasn’t sure what to expect – a self-help group? This was far from that. Not only did Susan and Debbie give me a higher sense of what it means to be a leader, but they also worked with me right where I was and gave me applicable strategies to apply right away. The coaching sessions alone are worth it!”

Annie Stocker

Annie Stocker

Owner, Two Dog Yoga

“Seasons Leadership Program has been an invaluable touchstone in an unwieldy year: 2020.  With Susan and Debbie’s steady guidance, I am growing my confidence, clarity and conviction to manifest my vision for my business. The presentations, guest visitors, and especially the coaching helped me to hone in on the ways I can be a more effective and efficient leader. I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to grow themselves and their business!”

Theresa Dugan

Theresa Dugan

Sr. Program Manager, Tech Industry

“I was looking for a way to develop my skills as a leader so I could find my next big job and have more fulfillment. Seasons Leadership helped me to assess my best leadership qualities and provided me with practical business solutions that I applied immediately at work. The year-long program built my confidence through coaching and connected me with a network of women who are smart, inspiring, and looking for the same things in life and work.”

Thank You to Our Community

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Are you wanting to learn more before you dive in? We created these tools to help support your growth and success. Whether you join our yearlong program or simply use these resources on your own, we're honored to be a part of your ongoing development.

Bad Bosses

While there are definitely bad bosses out there, luckily most bosses want to be good bosses and to do the right things. How would you rate yourself as a boss?


Community & Relationships

When we develop relationships, we build community. To do this intentionally and with purpose results in a conscious community that can nurture each other and “rise” together. That’s why it is important!


Leadership & Principles

Do you know what your values are? Do you have an explicit set of operating principles for your team or organization? If not, it is never too late to get started!


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