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Seasons Leadership

Our vision to make excellent leadership the worldwide standard drives us to reach leaders where they are at now. We have all experienced mediocre or even bad leadership. Often these leaders have good intentions but without training and insight they are set up to fail. Through our partnerships with teams, individuals and organizations we increase and accelerate leadership excellence, a specific skill that helps leaders successfully achieve high levels of performance.

Seasons Leadership’s four acorns: leading self, leading others, leading business and leading community highlight critical elements in wholistic leadership development. Our approach is rooted in our personal experience, best practices like the world-recognized Baldrige framework, intuition and expertise from many years of successfully leading teams and coaching individuals.

We use inspiration from the seasons to support leaders with insight to reach new levels of excellence throughout the cycles of their own career and life.

leadership excellence starts with you

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Seasons of leadership development

The cycles of growth, renewal and transformation experienced in the natural seasons are a roadmap for the cycles we all experience in our leadership journey. At Seasons Leadership we structure our course material, resources and tools through this metaphor to give leaders support and insight to achieve more during these cycles.


Spring/Awaken: Growth begins – perhaps with a new role or purpose. We help you gain awareness of yourself as a leader so you can be guided and energized by your own unique values to design the form your leadership vision will take.

Summer/Cultivate: Real growth is occurring at a rapid pace – you are in the flow with your role or purpose. We help you cultivate ideas that will yield the results you want. This clarity of vision provides the energy to make it all happen.

Fall/Integrate: You harvest the results of your work. We help you integrate all you have learned into the new version of you. As you demonstrate new skills and capabilities that change how you show up every day now is the time to celebrate your success.

Winter/Transform: You start the process of rest and evaluation. We help you transform through reflection on what has worked and what needs to be adapted or cleared out to be an even stronger version of you living more authentically and intentionally.

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values-based leadership

Seasons Leadership Values: Leadership, Love, Integrity, Excellence, Creativity, Contribution, Curiosity, Balance, Independence, and Connection.

At Seasons Leadership, we believe in and demonstrate values-based leadership. A leader who is working in congruence and alignment with their core values has a firm foundation on which to build and reach new heights. There is no set formula of values that leads to success. Instead, it is through discovering and honoring your unique values that you gain clarity around the path forward and feel empowered to take positive action as a leader.


lead with your values

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customized Offerings

We provide a customized, integrated approach to leadership excellence for our clients and our community.

Business & Leadership Consulting:

Performance Excellence Models
Strategy Development & Implementation
Proven Best Practices

Leadership Development:

Courses, Materials & Training
Comprehensive Leadership Topics
Personality Assessments
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Benefits of Seasons Leadership

  • Elevated and Expanded Leadership Presence
  • Increased Self-awareness
  • Proven Business Best Practices
  • Individualized Business Consulting
  • Opportunity to Learn Directly from Business and Leadership Experts
  • Focused, Intentional, Supported Growth
  • A Community of Support
  • Seasons Leadership SWAG
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Learn from successful, seasoned leaders

Debbie Collard and Susan Ireland are both seasoned leaders who passionately believe in the importance of leadership excellence- core competencies, nationally recognized frameworks and tools because they have personally put them into practice with stellar results – leading teams with a significant impact on the world. Both leaders spent 30 years in aviation succeeding in large-scale systems integration – including design, manufacture, regulations and market influences - that combine to create a product that allows people to travel in comfort and safety around the globe.

This proving ground provided many opportunities for perspective and leadership growth. Susan and Debbie benefitted from formal leadership training offered at a company-level based on their individual levels within the organization. Because of how much they gained from these experiences they are motivated to offer leadership training and resources to all leaders –regardless of level.

Instead of waiting for a company to identify talent in you – you can realize the desire to lead within yourself - we are all leaders to someone- and take the personal responsibility to get the training and support you need to help your teams/future teams succeed.

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Debbie Collard, PCC, MSOD, ELI-MP

Debbie Collard has worked with a wide range of executives to develop strategies, reach milestones and celebrate achievements. Leadership and performance have been the focus of Debbie's career, while she maintained a commitment to her family and community. Debbie is an ICF and iPEC-certified professional coach and co-author of The Making of a World-Class Organization, a practical guide for leaders to engage employees and increase overall excellence.

Susan Ireland Headshot

Susan Ireland, PCC, MSM, Tilt 365

Susan Ireland has deep experience in the aerospace industry and business operations. As an ICF-certified professional coach, Susan works with executives, entrepreneurs and leaders at all levels to enhance leadership and business acumen, encourage self-discovery and turn challenges into positive results. Her thought-provoking and creative approach inspires enduring, transformative change.


What Seasoned Leaders are saying about us:

Kate Philips-Kaiser

Kate Philips-Kaiser

Leadership coach and Co-Founder Reflection Circles 

As a coach myself, I appreciate the benefits of coaching. I joined the Seasons Leadership program to get the structure and support I needed for developing my business. The exercises that we did as a group, as well as the stories and guidance from Susan and Debbie, were so useful to clarify my goals, as well as add to my toolkit on how I achieved them. Susan and Debbie’s practical examples and ideas were immediately actionable. For example, their module on having an operating rhythm was a game changer for me. It helped me establish the necessary rigor and discipline with my partners in order to make steady progress. The Seasons Leadership program has helped me reinforce my strengths, expand my skillset, and move my business forward.  

Frances Chang

Frances Chang

Chief Operating Officer for Andovar

"Working with Debbie, Susan and the Seasons Leadership community was an unforgettable experience. These inspiring individuals remind me how learning never stops, and that growth accelerates when we are all heard and understood."

Stefani Johnson

Stefani Johnson

Production Coordinator, Oddbot Animation, 2020 Seasons Leadership Program participant

“At 28 years old and fleeing a very negative workplace, "leader" was definitely not how I felt about myself. However, I will be thanking the "past me" for the rest of my life for taking the leap to join the Seasons Leadership Program. Two inspiring female coaches not only provided me with the insight I needed to gain a new perspective of myself and my experiences, but they also helped me form a plan to "lead" my own life. That's right, even with no one seeing me as a leader, I learned something invaluable: I am always the leader of my own story. With the tools I gained from Debbie and Susan, and the loving and safe community of females from this past year in Seasons, I feel I can finally work towards owning and fully living my leadership, and possibly expanding it outside myself. Despite 2020 being a horrible year with many challenges globally, I've had one of my best years yet. I strongly encourage others to truly invest in the course. I promise you'll see it's actually fun to grow yourself. I'm tempted to take the course all over again.”

Tanya Meronk

Tanya Meronk

Co-Founder & Head Techretary, 2020 Seasons Leadership Program participant

“Debbie and Susan rock! They have fundamentally changed the way I see myself as a leader.  I’m more confident and feel prepared with the tools they shared. Plus, I have a community to tap into when times get tough.”

Lisa Faber

Lisa Faber

Owner, The Collage Salon, 2020 & 2021 Seasons Leadership Program participant

“When I first signed up for Seasons Leadership I wasn’t sure what to expect – a self-help group? This was far from that. Not only did Susan and Debbie give me a higher sense of what it means to be a leader, but they also worked with me right where I was and gave me applicable strategies to apply right away. The coaching sessions alone are worth it!”

Annie Stocker

Annie Stocker

Owner, Two Dog Yoga, 2020 Seasons Leadership Program participant

“Seasons Leadership Program has been an invaluable touchstone in an unwieldy year: 2020.  With Susan and Debbie’s steady guidance, I am growing my confidence, clarity and conviction to manifest my vision for my business. The presentations, guest visitors, and especially the coaching helped me to hone in on the ways I can be a more effective and efficient leader. I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to grow themselves and their business!”

Theresa Dugan

Theresa Dugan

Sr. Program Manager, Tech Industry, 2020 Seasons Leadership Program participant

“I was looking for a way to develop my skills as a leader so I could find my next big job and have more fulfillment. Seasons Leadership helped me to assess my best leadership qualities and provided me with practical business solutions that I applied immediately at work. The year-long program built my confidence through coaching and connected me with a network of women who are smart, inspiring, and looking for the same things in life and work.”

Appreciation for Our Growing Community

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Are you wanting to learn more before you dive in? We created these tools to help support your growth and success. Whether you join our yearlong program or simply use these resources on your own, we're honored to be a part of your ongoing development.

Bad Bosses

While there are definitely bad bosses out there, luckily most bosses want to be good bosses and to do the right things. How would you rate yourself as a boss?


Community & Relationships

When we develop relationships, we build community. To do this intentionally and with purpose results in a conscious community that can nurture each other and “rise” together. That’s why it is important!


Leadership & Principles

Do you know what your values are? Do you have an explicit set of operating principles for your team or organization? If not, it is never too late to get started!


Relationship Matrix

Even if nurturing relationships is easy for you, to successfully network, one helpful practice is to create a “Relationship Matrix.” The matrix is a list of people that you want to build and nurture a relationship in business with.


Goal Setting

Are you the person who intends to accomplish a goal next year but “next year” keeps sliding to … the next year? We have a better way to set you up for success!


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Debbie's previous blog "recharge your leadership batteries" offers some timely insights to help you reboot your own practice of "me time." She shares this important reminder that inspires me to take time for myself, "by taking time off not only was I benefiting, but I was giving someone else the opportunity to stretch and grow and show themselves and others what they could do."

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Summer Rerun

I wrote about summer last year at this time, and as I reread this almanac entry, I realized it still captures the key points of the season and applies them to leadership – and life. This is because the cyclical nature of the seasons is like a rerun. We may have been through this season before but there is still something new and interesting about it to discover.

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Have you ever thought that you did a good job communicating something only to find out later that what you thought you communicated is not what people thought you meant to communicate? You are not alone. Many people think that they communicate clearly and get frustrated when they don’t get the results for which they were hoping.

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Book Cover The Making of a World-Class Organization

The Making of a World-Class Organization

by E. David Spong and Debbie J. Collard

With tips, charts, tables and wisdom, The Making of a World-Class Organization provides a set of proven approaches for achieving excellence. The book offers behind-the-scenes insight into how David Spong and I implemented the Baldrige Excellence Framework at Boeing and led the company into a new era of achievement. A practical guide, our book offers tried and true details and how-to applications to help leaders apply proven processes, cultivate loyal customers, engaged employees, create high-quality products and services, and significantly increase profitability. The guidance and ideas presented in the book are as relevant today as when we originally implemented them.

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