Summer with Seasons Leadership


At Seasons Leadership we use the metaphor of the seasons to help illuminate where you are in your leadership journey and provide inspiration. In a recent podcast episode, we explored the seasonal metaphor of summer - freedom, being in the flow, high energy and taking breaks to enjoy the season. We talked about choosing a song to define your season and help anchor your experiences during this time of freedom and relaxation.

To inspire you, we created a summer playlist in Spotify that you can listen to. If you have any songs to suggest - please leave us a comment on any of our summer episodes of the Seasons Leadership Podcast available on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. And while you're there - please leave us a review!

We hope you take this energy with you on your leadership journey!

-Debbie and Susan
Co-Founders of Seasons Leadership

Listen to "Wisdom From the Wardrobe Podcast"

We love partnering with Michael Bruce Image Consulting because they help leaders define their personal brand. You can benefit from their signature style advice and join the conversation by listening to Wisdom from the Wardrobe Podcast.             LEARN MORE

'Lessons in Leadership' with Dr. David Spong

This summer Seasons Leadership is starting a new article series called "Lessons in Leadership" featuring Dr. David Spong. Acting as your virtual mentor and guide, Dr. Spong will share leadership experiences that made a difference in his career to inspire you to make a difference in yours...LEARN MORE

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Are you wanting to learn more before you dive in? We created these tools to help support your growth and success. Whether you join our yearlong program or simply use these resources on your own, we're honored to be a part of your ongoing development.

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While there are definitely bad bosses out there, luckily most bosses want to be good bosses and to do the right things. How would you rate yourself as a boss?


Community & Relationships

When we develop relationships, we build community. To do this intentionally and with purpose results in a conscious community that can nurture each other and “rise” together. That’s why it is important!


Leadership & Principles

Do you know what your values are? Do you have an explicit set of operating principles for your team or organization? If not, it is never too late to get started!


Relationship Matrix

Even if nurturing relationships is easy for you, to successfully network, one helpful practice is to create a “Relationship Matrix.” The matrix is a list of people that you want to build and nurture a relationship in business with.


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