Spring Forward

At Seasons Leadership, we use the seasonal metaphor to help describe where we are in the cycle of change in our life or a specific aspect of life. Our overall life, relationships, careers, projects, visions/missions, and values go through seasonal change and growth at various rates and rhythms. At the beginning of each season, we discuss characteristics of that season to provide inspiration and clarity, but the metaphor is not tied to the calendar. 

As I write this reflection on spring the sun is shining in Seattle – a rare treat at this time of year – and I can feel that familiar “spring fever” feeling starting to re-emerge like the crocuses and cherry blossoms starting to bud and bloom. Funny how I wasn’t aware of how much I missed the sun and the feeling of warmth, until I get the first taste of it. Then, greedily, I want more. I am impatient. Good thing spring is finally here (at least according to the calendar)!

Rebirth, renewal, new beginnings: Spring is seen as a time of new beginnings and fresh starts, as plants and animals come out of hibernation and start to grow again. At Seasons Leadership we use the term “awaken” to describe spring. We welcome spring as a fresh start awakening after the cold and dark winter months where we did our deep winter work. Now as the days are getting longer, flowers are starting to bloom, and the birds are active (Flickers stay off my house please!!). I realize how ready I am to get outside. My energy is returning, and I am feeling more creative.  

In your own cycle of life and leadership you may be in “spring” if you are at the beginning of something (it could be a new job, a new project, a new adventure). Like actual spring weather, we may feel a bit chaotic as your vision is starting to take form (snowing one day, warm the next, a tornado here or there, maybe an atmospheric river – and then sun. It may even get hot!). Luckily, typically in spring our energy is increasing, and we are feeling creative and ready to move. This is the time to try something new – or many somethings. It’s a time to plant seeds of ideas, and to explore those ideas and see how they grow over time.


Use the energy of spring to declutter your life

I work with organizer extraordinaire Cody Strauss and she recently helped me organize my garage for some early spring cleaning. She advises that nothing should be 100 percent full – keep shelves, drawers, closets, rooms at three quarters full maximum. This is a game changer! On the obvious level, my garage is more spacious, I can find things, but most importantly it feels better!   

I believe this concept of keeping a quarter “open” should be applied to every aspect of our lives. What would happen if we didn’t schedule every moment for meetings, appointments, obligations?  I know I could use this time to walk around the block or make a quick phone call to a friend I haven’t connected with in awhile, or maybe even take a few deep breaths or meditate. Leaving space physically and metaphorically opens possibilities and new experiences, thoughts, ideas and insights. Remembering to leave space for the new will help you make the most of this season in life.

Spring is disorderly – and messy – and so is change.  It’s a time to jump in and try things. It’s a time to be curious. My friend Becky told me that she was out in her garden with her young grandson, and he ran to her excitedly saying, “Grandma the plants are starting to hatch!” as he pointed to the buds starting to emerge from the snowdrop flowers. We are all metaphorically hatching in spring – emerging into the unknown but prepared from all the work we have done before in our last cycle of the seasons.

For example, think of starting a new job. You got the position because of all you did before. In your interview you shared relevant experience and inspiration that made you a good candidate. You presented a complete cycle of yourself – what you learned when and how you came to want to seek out something new. Now you are at the start with all that experience and energy behind you. This may be a new adventure, but you can do it!

This spring we are starting a new way of sharing our leadership tools and inspiration with more people. At our membership site, Seasons Leadership Patreon, members can get access to tools and information to help them achieve leadership excellence on their own schedule. We started this offering about 6 months ago as a “test bed” and are now refining our approach and putting new energy behind this project. And for a limited time (until March31) you can join our Founders level for only $5 a month and get all the information and insight shared with our premium Gold membership until the end of the year!

Thank you for being a part of our leadership community where together we are making leadership excellence the norm.  

Listen to our spring playlist on Spotify for positive vibes for the season of spring!

Enjoy this season of Spring and make some space to reflect on what is emerging for you!

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Susan Ireland draws on 30+ years of leadership experience in corporations to help people positively impact the world. As an ICF-Certified Professional Coach, Susan works with executives, entrepreneurs and leaders at all levels to enhance their leadership and business acumen, encourage self-discovery and turn challenges into positive results. Her belief in the unique value of individuals and appreciation for the wonder and awe of their journeys inspires enduring, transformative change. susanireland.coach

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