Embracing Her Leadership Aura Without Constraints


Embracing Her Leadership Aura Without Constraints
Meet Seasoned Leader Anje O'Hearn
By Lauren Penning, Seasons Leadership

Anje O’Hearn was in her dream role – a senior manager leading a successful team – but she found something was missing. “I had lost my network. There wasn’t a servant leadership culture. I was trying to do it for my people, but I didn’t feel it from above.” She realized she needed to make a change when she snapped at her children for something inconsequential. “I realized I was drowning. I didn’t like this person I had become – stressed out, anxiety ridden, working 12-14 hour days,” she said. Anje decided to do something about it...READ MORE

Spring Reveals Internal Vision of Who We Are
By Susan Ireland, Seasons Leadership Co-Founder

In the book, “Time Between Dreams” by Carol A. Vecchio, she says that “Overall, Spring acts as a bridge between who we are – our internal vision – and the external form the vision will embody.” When I think about this seasonal metaphor from Carol Vecchio, I am reminded of the cherry trees on the University of Washington campus in Seattle, WA. Some of those trees are 80-years old and their trunks are thick and twisted having endured many seasons. But each March, the quad where they are planted burst into bloom...READ MORE

Actionable Advice to Improve Your Leadership
By Lauren Penning, Seasons Leadership

This is the promise of the all-new Seasons Leadership Podcast. Seasons Leadership Co-Founders and Co-Hosts Debbie Collard and Susan Ireland have started a new season by engaging with leaders from across disciplines in this interview-style podcast that gives listeners actionable advice to improve their leadership now.

“At Seasons Leadership we practice what we preach,” said Debbie. “We want this podcast to embody our vision, mission...READ MORE

Seasonal Style Insights
By Michael Bruce Image Consulting

With every season comes the new clothing trends that the fashion and retail industry say that you “must have.” What if that season’s trends don’t work for your style sensibility or don’t seem to be in-line with your body type? It can be a confusing and challenging time if you are looking to add items to your wardrobe.

I heard someone say the other day, “clearly spring/summer 2022 fashion hates me...READ MORE

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While there are definitely bad bosses out there, luckily most bosses want to be good bosses and to do the right things. How would you rate yourself as a boss?


Community & Relationships

When we develop relationships, we build community. To do this intentionally and with purpose results in a conscious community that can nurture each other and “rise” together. That’s why it is important!


Leadership & Principles

Do you know what your values are? Do you have an explicit set of operating principles for your team or organization? If not, it is never too late to get started!


Relationship Matrix

Even if nurturing relationships is easy for you, to successfully network, one helpful practice is to create a “Relationship Matrix.” The matrix is a list of people that you want to build and nurture a relationship in business with.


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Are you the person who intends to accomplish a goal next year but “next year” keeps sliding to … the next year? We have a better way to set you up for success!