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Seasoned Leader Profile: Taking Ownership and Giving Back
Lisa Faber is deeply connected to the history of hair in Seattle. When she was younger, she loved listening to her aunt, Joanne Meyers, founder of the Seattle Models Guild (later John Robert Powers) talk about the legendary Gene Juarez. In her teens she got to meet him. She promised him she was going to work at his salon one day, which of course she did. Now Lisa owns her own in downtown Seattle and with all the recent changes to the city it is a fixture that has weathered the current financial crisis as a testament to her commitment and savvy. READ MORE

Awaken Your Style
Need to refresh your image on those endless video calls? Pamela Forgrieve, Certified Image Consultant and Director of Operations at our partner Michael Bruce Image Consulting, offers practical advice. READ MORE

Awaken Your Values
Have you been in a meeting and suddenly felt uncomfortable with the direction things are going? It could be your values being trampled on. READ MORE

Ask Susan and Debbie
During a meeting a female student was answering a question and when she left the room a male student made it a point to say that she was too “loud” and “aggressive." READ MORE

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Communicating my brand of values (If I can do it, you can too!)

What is your personal brand? Could you answer this question? Many of my coaching clients have shared their frustration at being asked this recently during job interviews. And while I think this is a terrible interview question (because with so many definitions of “brand” how do we even know we are talking about the same thing?) it is an important, if not tricky thing to nail down.

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A winning mindset takes perspective and planning

With the start of the 2021-2022 football pre-season, sports news is flooded with stories of players waiting to finalize their contract extensions or get picked up by a new team. Through all this noise and uncertainty pro athletes need to focus on being best at what they do and not get tied to one location or team. Just as with pro sports, there are those in business who seem to have broken the code for success both personally and professionally. Maybe those that succeed in pro sports and in business share a mindset that sets them apart?

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Practicing resilience in your daily life

Setbacks, disappointments and unfortunately, even crises happen to all of us at some point in our lives. These often leave us feeling overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, upset, numb, defiant, angry - just to name a few challenging emotions. Susan Ireland, co-founder of Seasons Leadership, shares five steps to building resilience.

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Bad Bosses

While there are definitely bad bosses out there, luckily most bosses want to be good bosses and to do the right things. How would you rate yourself as a boss?


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When we develop relationships, we build community. To do this intentionally and with purpose results in a conscious community that can nurture each other and “rise” together. That’s why it is important!


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Do you know what your values are? Do you have an explicit set of operating principles for your team or organization? If not, it is never too late to get started!