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E. David Spong

'Seasoned Leader,’ E. David Spong, met Debbie Collard, co-founder of Seasons Leadership, when they worked together at Boeing. After their successes leading teams using the Baldrige Framework, they co-wrote a book called "The Making of a World-Class Organization." Recently, David joined the Seasons Leadership community as a guest on the Seasons Leadership Podcast. He has committed to continue to share his “Lessons in Leadership” in this exclusive column.

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E. David Spong

Reflections on “Lessons in Leadership”

Although on paper my background reads remarkably well, in truth my journey to leadership was in fits and starts at best. As I reflect, I made steady, but slow progress up the management ranks. Others rose much faster, and although I was well respected for the results I achieved and by the teams that I led, it took quite some time to “get the big step-up.”

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